WIETA Accreditation

The pre-audit phase

WIETA spends time with all its members understanding their business, ethical performance and export markets. Members and their suppliers are required to complete WIETA Assessment Forms.

All members and their growers are required to attend a WIETA Information and Compliance Workshop. These are held once a month (refer to schedule of WIETA Information Meetings).

Comprehensive site visits, technical pre-audit inspections are conducted and technical support given to sites that may need assistance with the implementation of compliance requirements and the provisions of the WIETA Code.

The lead up to the audit is carefully planned and gives sufficient time to the team to request information from producers, for the producers to provide this information, and for the inspection team to then use this in planning the actual inspection.

Carrying out the audit

On the day of the inspection, the team holds a briefing meeting with management and workers, or worker representatives. These could be either union representatives or, where none is active, worker-elected representatives, including at least one man and one woman, who should be asked to ensure that their colleagues understand the process. This briefing meeting affords an explanation of the procedures and ensures that, where management did not pre-inform workers of the inspection, they have some understanding of the purpose and process.

Verification of information on conditions at work

All information obtained from management on terms and conditions of employment is verified through:

  • a series of private interviews with a representative sample of employees (men and women of different job grades and languages, and permanent and temporary employees);

  • a review of the documentation kept by management; and

  • an inspection of the workplace and housing allocated to workers.

Reporting back on the findings

After the interviews, and once the workplace and records have been reviewed, the team will meet separately to agree upon the day's findings. Thereafter, the team will hold a closing meeting with the farm or producer participants who were present at the opening meeting.

WIETA accreditation

WIETA is currently in the process of developing an accreditation system linked to the use of an ethical seal.

Members will be required to involve their growers in various levels of participation with WIETA to be eligible to use the WIETA Seal in future.

Level One

Completion of the WIETA Assessment Form

Attendance of a WIETA Information and Compliance Workshop

Level Two

60% compliance pass in an audit

Level Three

Full compliance in an audit through the submission of an improvement plan within four months of audit.

The WIETA accreditation committee meets on a two-monthly basis to discuss the accreditation of members. This team comprises one trade union member, one producer, one department of labour representative and one NGO representative on the WIETA board.

The group looks at blind copies (i.e. without company names) of the audit reports, improvement plan and verification details, and makes a final decision about the accreditation of the member concerned based on the documentation submitted to it. A member will be accredited when the audit report reveals that it complies in full with the code, or where an improvement plan, signed off by both parties, stipulates the steps that have been taken subsequent to the audit to rectify any non-compliance. If the WIETA accreditation committee feels that non-compliances are not yet fully addressed, or that verification is incomplete, it will request further discussion with the member concerned to reach agreement on accreditation.


New WIETA Seal Fact File (0.33MB pdf file)