Get Going-veldtog


Weens die uitdagings van werkloosheid en voedselonsekerheid wat die meerderheid Suid-Afrikaners vandag in die gesig staar, word voedsame kosinname toenemend vervang met goedkoper, minder gesonde maaltye. Dit het ‘n skadelike effek op gesondheid en ekonomiese stabiliteit.

The Department of Health Western Cape, in collaboration with NICUS (Nutritional Information Centre of Stellenbosch University) has researched and produced the content for the GET GOING 64-page full-colour A5 booklet in isiXhosa, Afrikaans and English which informs the recipient, through daily menus, on how to eat nutritionally for less. The booklets are distributed free of charge to NGOs and farms in the Western Cape.

  • Please remember, we can’t teach a hungry child and therefore poverty within our communities perpetuate.
  • Please assist us in promoting health in our communities by distributing the booklets to as many families who could benefit.
  • For more information please contact the Manager for Operations and Strategic Programmes: Liane Langeveld (