Additional Training and Development

Individual programmes that support specific needs for healthy and sustainable farms or cellars


All the tools and insights, incl. MIS, to lead and manage the workforce ethically and be audit ready

  • Full day
  • All Producers that join WIETA
  • Wieta In-house intervention

 The day is focussed on getting producers and administrators to understand the rights and responsibilities towards their workforce and how that that would be measured in their workplace. They receive the necessary MIS training to ensure they are able to meet the ethical standards and requirements and receive all the details needed to adapt their systems in the workplace. The program is supported with all the policies and practices that is necessary to be integrated into the technical operational systems within the workplace.

WIETA’s website has Best practices and policies; Templates as well as the WIETA code to support the training.

Contact the WIETA office to discuss your needs


The Support Programmes offer more comprehensive programme offerings where an entire system is built around critical needs and gaps that require sustainable solutions with a project team offering an end-to-end process