Social Management Systems and Ethical Code Implementation

    1. The Business has adopted socially responsible business policy (ies) and due diligence practices which seek to promote human, labour and women’s rights and sustainability whilst working to detect, remedy and report on any adverse labour, human and women’s rights impacts within the Business and within its wine supply chain.
    2. The Business has adopted an Ethical Code (the WIETA Code) which governs the human rights and decent working and living conditions of everyone in the workplace and has implemented a system to ensure compliance with the WIETA Code requirements.
    3. The Business shall, extend the principles of this ethical code throughout its liquor, wine, grape and agricultural operations and within its supply chain and commit to sourcing ethically. The Business shall further establish appropriate procedures to evaluate its suppliers’ ability to meet the requirements of the Ethical Code. Records of the implementation of such procedures shall be kept.
    4. The Business shall annually review the performance of its Ethical Policy and System.
    5. The Business shall appoint a senior member of management who shall be responsible for compliance with these ethical policies and their systems and shall ensure that employees and management are aware of the content of the Ethical Policy.
    6. The Business shall establish good ethical practices which involve workers and their representatives through joint and effective communication mechanisms within the business. Such mechanisms should actively enable workers and their representatives to engage on the status of working conditions and to monitor and report on any adverse impacts on their rights, without fear of reprisal.
    7. Where any adverse impacts to labour, women’s and human rights are identified, the Business shall implement remedial actions and allocate adequate resources to redress these impacts. The Business shall investigate, address and respond to the concerns of employees and other interested parties with regard to non-compliances with the Ethical Code.
    8. The Business shall not be involved in nor tolerate, any act of corruption, extortion or embezzlement; nor any form of bribery including, but not limited to, the promising, offering, giving or accepting of any improper monetary gains or other incentives.
    9. The Business shall comply with all applicable national legislation.
    10. The Business has adopted the WIETA Ethical Code and actively attends/participates in WIETA training or programmes.