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Non-Compliance Classification 

Auditors will classify non‐compliances, observations and good practice examples to indicate the relative importance of each. Click below to read through WIETA’s Non-Compliance Classification.

Risk Matrix and Audit Frequency

The WIETA Ethical Performance Risk Matrix has been developed to provide robust assurances of the management of risk in respect of the ethical performance at cellar and farm level with a wine supply chain.Read the report below.

WIETA Audit Process & Methodology 

Read more about the WIETA Audit Process & Methodology below.

Audit Appeals Process

This procedure is designed to process complaints pertaining to the quality of the audit and the conduct of the auditor.

Recognised Auditors & Audit Bodies

WIETA auditors are independently selected and contracted on an assignment basis to undertake audits for WIETA. WIETA uses an international auditor competency benchmark for the selection of auditors.

Where export markets require that the audit be conducted by an APSCA registered (Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors) audit company, please contact the WIETA office at so that we can assist you to direct your request to an accepted and approved appropriate audit body.

Code Violations Protocol & Form 

Please see the WIETA incidents reporting and code violations investigations protocol and process document below. Download the WIETA Incidents Complaints Application Form.

WIETA Standard

This document provides the guidelines that WIETA adheres to.

Audits for Temporary Employment Services

This best practice has been developed to supplement the WIETA/SIZA APM guidelines when assessing conditions for workers providing services at a company’s site, but who are not directly employed by the company.