Stronger Together, in partnership with the Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trading Association (WIETA) and the Sustainability Initiative of South Africa (SIZA), supports South African agri-businesses to address the risk of forced labour through best practice guidance, resources and training. Launched in 2017, the programme is supported by prominent industry bodies, retailers and importers and exporters across the supply chain. Businesses who engage on the programme come to understand the latest global market requirements on forced labour and how to implement effective labour management systems which helps to secure market access.

Support for your business

Stronger Together offers a range of expertly designed workshops aimed at various job roles to equip individuals with the knowledge to effectively address and prevent forced labour and labour exploitation. The available workshops include:

  • Detecting, Deterring and Dealing with Forced Labour in agri-businesses
  • Taking Your Next Steps: A Follow up workshop for agri-businesses
  • Ethical Practices for Supervisors in agri-businesses
  • Awareness raising sessions for agri-workers and worker representatives

To date approximately 1540 businesses have attended a training with 97% of participants reporting that the training helped them to understand the risk of forced labour and how to prevent it.

Free and discounted places available are available on workshops to suppliers of the programme sponsors. Members of Wieta can also receive a 30% discount on trainings.

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