WIETA Promotes Social Dialogue and Best Practices in Human Rights Due Diligence

On 12 March 2024, WIETA hosted a significant session at our offices focused on fostering social dialogue among key stakeholders in the wine industry. Attendees included representatives from trade unions, producers, civil society organisations, as well as the Department of Employment and Labour and the Department of Agriculture. Partner Africa and KWV Pty Ltd also contributed valuable insights.

The session covered several essential topics:

  • Human Rights Due Diligence Involving Trade Unions and Civil Society: Participants engaged in discussions about the critical role of human rights due diligence in ensuring fair treatment, labour rights, and ethical practices within the industry. The involvement of trade unions and civil society in this process was emphasised as crucial for accountability and transparency.
  • Best Practices by KWV Pty Ltd in Engaging with Trade Unions and Civil Society: KWV Pty Ltd shared their experiences and best practices in effectively collaborating with trade unions and civil society organisations. Their insights provided valuable guidance on building constructive relationships and promoting dialogue for positive outcomes.
  • Partner Africa’s Audit Process and Involvement of Trade Unions: Partner Africa, renowned for its auditing expertise, shed light on how they conduct audits and the importance of involving trade unions in this process. Their approach emphasises inclusivity and stakeholder engagement for robust assessments and improvements.

Additionally, the session highlighted WIETA’s labour desk process for reporting incidents and violations. This process plays a pivotal role in addressing issues promptly and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

The gathering served as a platform for sharing knowledge, exchanging best practices, and strengthening collaboration among stakeholders committed to upholding human rights, labour rights, and ethical standards in the wine industry. WIETA remains dedicated to facilitating such dialogues and initiatives that promote sustainable and responsible practices across the wine sector.