Additional Training and Development

Individual programmes that support specific needs for healthy and sustainable farms or cellars

Senior leadership:

‘Leadership in an ethically and socially responsible sector’  – 1 day

Prior to the interventions the consultation process will establish the extent of the organogram and the correct placement of the supervisory/foremen group in the correct group

Focus on:

  • Roles and responsibilities: The different players and levels within a successful supply chain and workplace
  • Communication and relationship management in your workplace as leadership tool
  • Leadership communication skills
  • Giving feedback
  • Verbal Abuse: how to manage and lead
  • Facilitating a conflict situation
  • The Grievance procedure and alternative dispute resolution
  • Building strong and positive workplace relationships with your support and general workers;
  • The Importance of Recognition
  • Coaching your team to lead the way with healthy and ethical communication and relationships
  • Leadership role and responsibilities in communication forums
  • Leadership and relationships in healthy farm cultures

‘Communication and relationship skills’  – 1 full day

Focus on:

  • Basic communication skills
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • How to deal with conflict positively towards a solution
  • Building positive relationships in the workplace
  • Anger and stress management
  • The grievance procedure and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms

The Support Programmes offer more comprehensive programme offerings where an entire system is built around critical needs and gaps that require sustainable solutions with a project team offering an end-to-end process