Additional Training and Development

Individual programmes that support specific needs for healthy and sustainable farms or cellars


Supporting conversations with and between workers and managers towards mutual respect and fair treatment

  • 1.75 days: Day 1: Workers and managers separate, Day 2: Joint half-day session
  • All workers and managers working at the same farm/cellar
  • Wieta In-house intervention 

This intervention is experiential and is sensitively facilitated by two experienced facilitators in the wine industry and at the respective appropriate levels. A process is followed that safely guides the conversations to understanding the positive end goal and the realities and move the group towards workable options. Day 2 explores the different groups realities and conversation is steered towards a joint solutions and commitment with next steps for them.

Focus on:

  • An incremental process of discussion to identify and discuss the problematic theme, day one is separate groups and day 2 is joint
  • Looking at the different roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying the problem and the dream outcome
  • Engaging in collaborative solutioning and applying good communication
  • Looking at realities as well as possibilities and joint solutions
  • Agreement and next steps forward

The Support Programmes offer more comprehensive programme offerings where an entire system is built around critical needs and gaps that require sustainable solutions with a project team offering an end-to-end process