Fair Labour Practice Wine Seal

The WIETA Fair Labour certification Seal was introduced in May 2012. The Fair Labour Certification Seal provides product assurance and ensures adherence of the traceability of the supply chain to the WIETA ethical standard, policies and procedures.

Before the applicant can apply for the use of the WIETA Seal, a traceability exercise needs to be undertaken to ensure that all grape and wine suppliers to the application have undertaken the necessary requirements for recognition by WIETA as an ethically responsible business.

All wine producers, grape growers, cellars and bottling facilities contributing to the production of the wine to be approved for the use of the WIETA Seal need to undergo the following steps:

Step 1

  1. Register your business on the WIETA on-line system
  2. Complete a Self-Assessment Questionnaire on the WIETA on-line system
  3. Participate in a WIETA Compliance Awareness Workshop

Step 2

  1. Request an audit
  2. Have an audit undertaken on the site/s
  3. Submit corrective action plans on the online system within a maximum of 4 months of audit date.

Step 3

  1. All corrective actions must be reviewed via desktop or site verification visit by the Lead auditor
  2. Once the corrective actions have been verified by the lead-auditor, the on-line system will alert WIETA Certifications & Standards Division for final approval for WIETA certification